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Why Do You Need a Notary for Real Estate Closings?

Real estate transactions are complex, involving various legal and financial elements. Whether you’re buying or selling property, one crucial aspect is ensuring that the process is legally binding and secure. This is where a notary public plays a pivotal role in real estate closings. In this blog, we’ll explore the significance of notaries in real estate transactions and why their involvement is essential.

1. Verifying Signatures

Notaries are responsible for verifying the identities of the parties involved in a real estate transaction. This includes the buyer, seller, and witnesses. By checking their identification and confirming that they are who they claim to be, notaries add a layer of security to the process.

2. Preventing Fraud

Real estate transactions often involve significant sums of money, making them vulnerable to fraud and forgery. Notaries are trained to spot signs of fraudulent activity, and their presence discourages individuals from attempting illicit activities during the transaction.

3. Confirming Legal Capacity

A notary also ensures that all parties have the legal capacity to enter into the real estate transaction. This means that they are of sound mind and not under duress or coercion.

4. Witnessing Signatures

Notaries serve as impartial witnesses to the signing of real estate documents. This impartiality is crucial in case disputes or legal issues arise in the future. Notaries are not party to the transaction; their role is solely to witness and confirm the signing of documents.

5. Ensuring Document Accuracy

Notaries also check that all documents are correctly filled out and signed. They will ensure that the names and addresses are accurate, and that no important fields are left blank. Any errors or inconsistencies can lead to delays in the closing process.

6. Providing Legal Certification

After verifying and witnessing the signatures, notaries will affix their seal and signature to the documents. This certification makes the documents legally valid and binding.

7. Mobile Notary Services

For added convenience, many notaries offer mobile services, which means they can come to the location of the real estate closing. This is especially beneficial for busy professionals or those who may have difficulty traveling to a notary’s office.


The involvement of a notary in a real estate closing is not just a formality; it’s a critical step in ensuring the legality and security of the transaction. Notaries verify identities, prevent fraud, confirm legal capacity, witness signatures, and provide a legal certification. Their presence adds an essential layer of security to a process that involves significant financial and legal implications. When it comes to real estate closings, partnering with a reputable notary, like those at The Opal Group, is a smart move to protect your interests and the integrity of the transaction.

Author: Vandana

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