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Terms & Conditions

a. We are not allowed to provide any legal advice.
b. Fee Ranges between $40-$250++
c. Compensation is based solely for our travel notary Service & remote online service. No additional fees or charges.+++
d. Cancel anytime, free of charge.
e. Payment due before completion of services. For Bank/Title Closings up to 5 business days post closing.
f. If for whatever reason you notary service is not completed successfully, you will be fully refunded.**
e. Same Day Service Available, if scheduling permits.
g. Doc Printing available if you need us to print & fingerprinting also available++++
f. The Opal Group Will Be Held Harmless of Any legal Issues That May Arise With The Signing of Said Document(s) Now & In The Future.

++This depends on time, location, distance traveled, and the type of docs that need to be notarized.
+++Docs must be ready for notarization prior to my arrival (may incur additional +$25 fee if time exceeds 1hr).
++++ Additional costs apply for printing docs for you depending on number of pages.

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