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The Opal Group started with a small idea. Make the lives of New Yorkers LESS STRESSFUL & SAFER during the pandemic who needed something as simple as a notary.

Look what we did.

This small yet mighty idea that people deserve ease & convenience in their life has fueled us to grow larger and larger: partnering with certified notary agents across the US, North America (and now globally) to bring you a service you probably didn’t know you needed… until you do.

Sure you can go to a post office or bank and get it done cheaper, but have you tried doing that lately??? Imagine trying to get a WILL OR POWER OF ATTORNEY signed at your local Bank while people behind you are giving you the side eye! Not to mention wrangling 2 (or more) witnesses to be AT THE SAME PLACE AT THE SAME TIME.


Make your complicated & stressful life a bit simpler: get you a Notary Public that knows what they are doing: one less thing scratched off your “to-do” list.

Oh. We now also do online notary services*. Thank us later.

Need To Learn More? We firmly believe in human interaction, afterall thats the main point of the notary biz: face-to-face.

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323-310- 0377

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