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I-9 Simplified: Your Essential Guide to Employment Eligibility Verification

The I-9 form is really important for employers and employees in the United States. It helps make sure that people hired for jobs are allowed to work in the country. In this guide, we’ll explain the I-9 form in simple terms to help both employers and employees understand it better.

Understanding the I-9 Form:

  1. What is it for? The I-9 form is used by employers to check that their employees are allowed to work in the United States. It’s an important record that helps prevent illegal employment.
  2. What do you need to show? Employers have to check certain documents to make sure their employees are who they say they are and that they’re allowed to work. These documents prove both identity and the right to work.
  3. How do you fill it out? The I-9 form has three parts: Section 1 is filled out by the employee, and Sections 2 and 3 are filled out by the employer. Each part needs specific information and documents to be filled out correctly.

Common Challenges:

  1. Checking Documents: One of the main challenges is making sure the documents employees provide meet the requirements. Employers need to carefully check and make sure each document is valid to avoid mistakes.
  2. Hiring Remotely: With more people working from home, it’s harder to check their documents in person. Employers can use authorized people, like notaries, to check documents for them.
  3. Following the Rules: Employers need to make sure they’re following the rules properly to avoid getting in trouble. Regular checks of the I-9 forms can help find and fix mistakes early.

The Role of a Traveling Notary: Employers who need help checking documents for remote workers or have trouble with the process can use a traveling notary. They can come to the employer or employee’s location to help with the I-9 form.


Understanding the I-9 process is really important for both employers and employees. It helps make sure everyone is following the law. By knowing why the I-9 form is important, following the rules, and getting help when needed, employers can make the process easier. If you need help with the I-9 form, The Opal Group offers traveling notary services. Contact us to learn more.

Author: Vandana

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