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Can RON be done from your car?

Whether or not you can perform Remote Online Notarization (RON) from your car may depend on various factors such as the specific state laws that govern the practice of notaries public and RON.

In general, RON is a relatively new technology that allows notaries to perform notarial acts online using audio-video conferencing tools, and it is rapidly gaining acceptance in many states as an alternative to traditional in-person notarization.

Some states may have specific requirements or restrictions for where and how a RON can be performed, such as requiring the notary to be physically located in a certain jurisdiction or to use certain technology platforms or software.

Therefore, I would recommend checking the laws and regulations in your specific state regarding RON, and whether performing a RON from a car would be considered professional or acceptable. Additionally, you may want to consult with your employer or colleagues to ensure that your actions align with their policies and standards of professionalism.

Shaunna King
Author: Shaunna King

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