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Did You Know You Can Have a Certified Notary Public Come to Your Location?

“You Don’t Know You Need It…Until You Do.”
-Client Feedback

“You’re Really Paying For The Convenience, If Anything.”
-Client Feedback

“Its Like Flying First Class LOL. You’re Paying for Comfort & Peace of Mind.”
-Client Feedback

Mobile Notary or Traveling Notary is simply a notary public that shows up at your door. It really took off during the pandemic when people were not able to walk into a local store to get a document notarized. Its simple & convenient and less stressful than the traditional way because it makes it easier for you to plan your day, especially if the document(s) that need to be executed are time sensitive or require witnesses. Its a bit more costly then walking into a bank or store but most people say its worth it because its less of a headache then finding a notary or wrangling signees in one place-at the same time. Rules & regulations around it MAY vary based on your jurisdiction but for the most part it is allowed EVERYWHERE.

Ron the Notary.

Hello, Im RON, The Notary. Here to Assist. Did You Know a Notary Public Can Come and Visit You Wherever You Are Located for a Premium Fee?

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