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Is Online Notary Secure? Exploring the Safety Measures in Place

Online notarizations completed through the Proof platform offer unparalleled security and verifiability, setting a new standard for digital transactions. Here’s how Proof ensures the integrity of all documents:

1. Digital Signatures by Trusted Notaries

Every document notarized on our platform is digitally signed by a certified notary using a specialized x.509 digital certificate issued by trusted Root Certificate Authorities like IdenTrust or DigiCert. These certificates are only granted after a rigorous identity verification process, ensuring the authenticity of the notary’s signature.

2. Tamper-Proof Seals and Digital Hashing

When a notary applies their digital certificate to a document, it generates a digital “hash” that acts as a hidden record of the document’s contents. Any subsequent changes to the document, no matter how small, are flagged as tampering, preserving the integrity of the original notarized version. This information is readily accessible in the signature pane of PDF documents, providing transparency and traceability.

3. Secure Digital Records in the Verification Portal

Proof stores a digital record of every online notarization in a password-enabled verification portal. Authorized individuals, including customers and recipients, can access a digital copy of the original notarized document along with key transactional details. Additionally, video recordings of the online notarization sessions are archived to deter fraud and serve as a secure record of the entire transaction.

4. Digital Seals for Printed Documents

While printed documents feature a digital seal that resembles a standard notarization, the underlying digital file is fortified with security measures to prevent tampering post-notarization. This dual-layered approach ensures the authenticity and integrity of both digital and physical copies.

5. Fraud and Theft Prevention Measures

Notaries in the Proof Notarize Network undergo annual background checks conducted by The Opal Group. Additionally, notaries do not retain access to photo identification or documents after the online notarization process is completed, minimizing the risk of fraud or theft.

With Proof, you can trust that your online notarizations are conducted with the highest standards of security and verifiability, providing peace of mind in an increasingly digital world.

Experience the future of secure online notarizations with Proof. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative online notary solutions.

Author: Vandana

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