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Decree Absolute Explained: What It Means for Your Divorce

In legal matters like divorce, the term “decree absolute” is crucial. It’s the final document that legally ends a marriage. Understanding what it means and how it affects those involved is important. In this guide, we’ll explain decree absolute, its importance, and how The Opal Group’s mobile notary services in New York can assist.

How Do I Get a Decree Absolute?

To get a decree absolute, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Start with a Divorce Petition: One person starts the divorce process by filing a petition, stating reasons for the breakup.
  2. Get a Decree Nisi: After reviewing the petition, the court issues a decree nisi, showing no reasons why the divorce can’t proceed.
  3. Wait Period: Usually, there’s a wait of about six weeks before you can apply for a decree absolute. During this time, you may discuss financial matters or childcare.
  4. Apply for Decree Absolute: Once the waiting period is over, either party can apply for the decree absolute to officially end the marriage. You’ll need to submit an application and pay a fee.

What Can I Do with a Decree Absolute? A decree absolute allows you to:

  • Remarry without legal issues.
  • Finalize the division of assets and other financial matters.
  • Officially revert to your pre-marital surname if you wish.

How We Can Help:

Navigating divorce and decree absolute procedures can be tough. That’s where The Opal Group’s mobile notary services in New York come in:

  • Notarization Services: Our skilled notaries ensure all divorce documents, including the decree absolute, are properly notarized, meeting legal standards.
  • Convenient Service: Our mobile notaries come to you, whether it’s your home or office, making the process hassle-free.
  • Expert Guidance: We’re here to guide you through the notarization process, providing clear support at every step.


Understanding decree absolute is vital for those going through divorce. With The Opal Group’s mobile notary services in New York, managing divorce documentation, including the decree absolute, is easy and efficient. Contact us today to ensure your legal needs are met with care.

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