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Apostille Alabama

To obtain an apostille in Alabama, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a certified copy of the document you need apostilled. This could be a birth certificate, marriage certificate, diploma, or any other document that needs to be used overseas.
  2. Take the certified copy to the Alabama Secretary of State’s office in Montgomery or Birmingham. The office address in Montgomery is 11 South Union Street, Room 200, Montgomery, AL 36104. The office address in Birmingham is 2020 Valleydale Road, Suite 208, Hoover, AL 35244.
  3. Fill out the apostille request form. You can download the form from the Alabama Secretary of State’s website or pick one up at their office.
  4. Pay the required fee. The fee for an apostille in Alabama is $5 per document.
  5. Wait for the apostille to be processed. Processing times can vary, but it usually takes a few business days.
  6. Once the apostille is ready, you can pick it up in person at the Secretary of State’s office or have it mailed to you.

It’s important to note that the Alabama Secretary of State’s office only issues apostilles for documents that have been certified by an Alabama Notary Public or by the Alabama Secretary of State’s office. If your document has been certified by another state or by a federal agency, you will need to contact that agency to obtain an apostille.

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